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Afternova feat. Amy Lee - Loneliness

Afternova returns to Abora Skies with a new masterpiece. For this release, he teamed up with the very talented American violinist Amy Lee. Here is "Loneliness"!

The original mix is a short symphonic piece. Starting off with a soft piano and a few notes that seem suspended in the air, Afternova welcomes us in a very intimate and mellow ambience. When Amy Lee and her delightful violin enter the scene, accompanied by a strings orchestra, we are totally subdued by the beauty of the harmonies, alternating between melancholy and joy.

The orchestral trance mix begins with a powerful intro, giving us the premises of a catchy and driving melody. The breakdown takes the main violin and orchestral theme from the original mix, followed by trance plucks that lead us into an epic climax, filling our mood with joy and positive feelings.

The trance mix has the same intro and climax found in the orchestral trance mix, but with a totally different breakdown: a piano melody supported by bright and lush pads in place of the violin and orchestra.

The Night Sky remix concludes the release, and is a very different version of the song. While keeping the central breakdown with Amy Lee's violin and the orchestra, Night Sky revisits the main theme and turns it into an awesome uplifting trance version, featuring epic string synths, a stirring bass, and a nice piano.

Afternova, whether under his main artist name or his alias Night Sky, has always been a synonym for extremely melodic and high quality musical moments, and he proves it once more with "Loneliness". In this duo with Amy Lee, the two artists seamlessly blend the classical with electronic music genres, and that is pure bliss to our ears!



1. Loneliness (Original Mix) [3:03]
2. Loneliness (Orchestral Trance Mix) [7:42]
3. Loneliness (Trance Mix) [6:39]
4. Loneliness (Night Sky Remix) [8:45]

Release Date: April 22, 2016
Catalog Number: ABSK021