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Afternova - Into the Sky

Building upon successes like Serenity and his FF-winning Tranquility, Afternova brings us another emotional and beautiful orchestral uplifting trance piece, this one entitled 'Into the Sky'. An upbeat, feel-good track, it features a magnificent, cheerful, sweet, and triumphant symphonic breakdown, which forms the center of the piece. In addition, occasional soothing female vocal effects set a very nice mood. Female spoken lyrics provide uplifting effects at two key moments, and the climax brings everything together with a pure uplifting feel. This piece is sure to give you chills.

In all, Into the Sky is sure to raise you up into a happy, peaceful, and euphoric mood. No fan of uplifting trance or of emotional and uplifting music in general can afford to miss this piece!

Release Date: October 1, 2013
Catalog Number: ABSK001