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Allan Berndtz - The Pursuit of Happiness

Allan Berndtz is no stranger to the scene. He's already released a multitude of beautiful tracks, but now the uplifting trance rising talent is making his debut on Abora with his newest single, very appropriately titled 'The Pursuit of Happiness'.

'The Pursuit of Happiness' is nothing short of pure joy! The summer vibe in the main melody is reminiscent of the early sounds of trance, but with a modern twist that perfectly interweaves with the enchanting piano melody, 'feel good' synths, and build-ups that make you long for more.

It's easy to see why Allan is making such an impression on the uplifting scene.

The single release includes both the radio edit and the original mix, which is a must-have for your digital crates!


1. The Pursuit of Happiness (Original Mix) [6:15]
2. The Pursuit of Happiness (Radio Edit) [4:18]

Release Date: August 12, 2019
Catalog Number: ABRD199