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Allen Watts - Inside Out / Tunnel Vision

One of the hottest artists in the scene makes his return to the Edge family in style with 2 astonishing uplifting tracks. We are more than proud to have him on board, considering his consistent support on A State of Trance and his tracks being signed to such respected trance labels as WAO138 and Monster Tunes.

The first track, entitled "Inside Out", is a banging tech-trance tune with a mesmerizing dark melody that can be easily stuck in your head for a long time. Typical Allen Watts sounds that are continuously evolving, trying to bring back the old feeling in a modern way.

"Tunnel Vision" is the second track and it is much more emotional and euphoric, followed by charming vocal and piano lines which will unconsciously alter your inner state in order to open up a new slate full of opportunities and dreams.

Allen definitely has proven once again how much the power of sound can deeply affect people's bodies and minds.

Release Date: July 21, 2014
Catalog Number: EDG038