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Andy Blueman - Everlasting

Next up in our series of Andy Blueman re-releases is the beautiful hit from 2009, "Everlasting".

Following Andy Blueman's composition style, "Everlasting" brings out rhythmic drums and bass lines mixed together with euphoric and joyful sounds. The full-on orchestral breakdown shines through with its magnificent strings and ethereal piano. It then leads on to the climax, which demonstrates perfectly the reason why Andy Blueman will remain one of the most legendary producers of all time: melodies.

The release also features two brand-new radio edits.


1. Everlasting (Original Mix) [8:41]
2. Everlasting (Emotional Mix) [8:48]
3. Everlasting (Radio Edit) [4:33]
4. Everlasting (Emotional Radio Edit) [3:41]

Release Date: November 10, 2017
Catalog Number: ABSK035