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Andy Blueman - Nyctalopia

The Abora family is extremely proud to present the re-release of the massive classic "Nyctalopia" from Andy Blueman.

If you're a fan of uplifting trance, for a long or short time, you have undoubtedly had a special place in your heart for Andy Blueman, who was the pioneer of the emotional orchestral uplifting trance genre. And "Nyctalopia" was the track that started it all, back in 2007.

The release of "Nyctalopia" marked the beginning of a new era in trance because of the new template it followed, and because the track's blockbuster popularity among top DJs and fans helped this template reach a massive audience. (Interestingly, Andy had actually produced previous tracks following this template as far back as 2004, but "Nyctalopia" was the first one of those to be released; those earlier tracks were not released until Andy's 2015 'oldies' album on Abora.) Hundreds of producers have copied and built upon this template in the 10 years since.

This template features a long, cinematic, emotional breakdown featuring a full symphonic orchestra, almost as if it were a film score or piece of modern classical music that could stand alone as its own short musical piece even with all the trance parts removed. This template also features a euphoric lead melody of at least 16 bars in the climax, along with another emotional melody of the same length that first appears in the breakdown and then re-appears as a countermelody later in the climax.

The breakdown melody is not the same as the main climax melody but instead is its own separate composition, signaling a break with the occasionally pre-2007 trance tracks that used an orchestra. Musically and compositionally, the entire track is centered and built around the orchestral breakdown and its melodies, with the emotionally meaningful breakdown smoothly and gradually building up to an ecstatic moment when the climax arrives. And all this with a smooth uplifting-trance base and a high-bpm. Looking back over the past 10 years, we can see thousands of tracks that have copied this template.

So "Nyctalopia" can be considered one of the most influential and important piece of music in the history of trance, and of electronic music in general.

This re-release includes the original mix and club mix, as well as new made radio edits that are being released for the first time. Experience "Nyctalopia" all over again!


1. Nyctalopia (Original Mix) [8:51]
2. Nyctalopia (Club Mix) [8:05]
3. Nyctalopia (Radio Edit) [3:51]
4. Nyctalopia (Club Radio Edit) [3:34]

Release Date: June 29, 2017
Catalog Number: ABSK030