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Andy Blueman - Sea Tides

It is now time to meet a familiar face on Abora Skies. This is the re-release of Andy Blueman's "Sea Tides".

The legendary track from the Slovene producer hasn't been forgotten after all these years, and this re-release will send nostalgic feelings to those who knew the track, and send unique shivers to those who discover it.

Its powerful bassline serves as a perfect introduction to the main course of this track: the breakdown. With his creativity as his only tool, Andy Blueman manages to make us fly into deep and emotional unknown territories. With its perfectly crafted melodies and ethereal harmonies, "Sea Tides" won't fail to impress all music lovers.


1. Sea Tides (Original Mix) [8:46]
2. Sea Tides (Energetic Mix) [8:46]
3. Sea Tides (Radio Edit) [3:54]
4. Sea Tides (Energetic Radio Edit) [5:20]

Release Date: October 19, 2017
Catalog Number: ABSK033