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Andy Blueman - Sea Tides EP

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This CD is the re-release of Andy Blueman's Sea Tides EP, including three timeless songs and alternate mixes thereof originally released in 2009.

The legendary 'Sea Tides' from the Slovene producer hasn't been forgotten after all these years. It will send nostalgic feelings to those who knew the track, and send unique shivers to those who discover it. Its powerful bassline serves as a perfect introduction to the main course of this track: the breakdown. With his creativity as his only tool, Andy Blueman manages to make us fly into deep and emotional unknown territories. With its perfectly crafted melodies and ethereal harmonies, 'Sea Tides' won't fail to impress all music lovers.

Probably one of the most iconic compositions from Andy Blueman, 'Neverland' is and will always be a reference in the uplifting trance scene. With its powerful bassline that leads straight into a well-crafted orchestral breakdown full of exotic instruments and emotional melodies, 'Neverland' finds its pinnacle during the climax, where an explosion of melodies and harmonies occurs.

Following Andy Blueman's compositional style, 'Everlasting' brings out rhythmic drums and bass lines mixed together with euphoric and joyful sounds. The full-on orchestral breakdown shines through with its magnificent strings and ethereal piano. It then leads on to the climax, which demonstrates perfectly the reason why Andy Blueman will remain one of the most legendary producers of all time: melodies. The original mix of 'Everlasting' is the most joyful, energizing, bright, and uplifting of all the timeless tracks on the EP.

The Sea Tides EP is a beautiful collection of emblematic uplifting trance masterpieces, and we're sure you'll enjoy these classics as much as we do!


1. Sea Tides (Original Mix) [8:46]
2. Neverland (Original Mix) [9:21]
3. Everlasting (Original Mix) [8:41]
4. Sea Tides (Energetic Mix) [8:46]
5. Neverland (Energetic Mix) [9:21]
6. Everlasting (Emotional Mix) [8:48]

Release Date: November 16, 2017
Catalog Number: ABSK033EP