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Eric Senn - Serenity

Eric Senn lifts us up with a brand-new release on Abora Skies: this is 'Serenity'.

Digging through deep layers of emotions and feelings, Eric Senn creates a record that you won't forget. With its mind-blowing main melody and breakdown, 'Serenity' is surely poised to remain one of those hidden trance gems that will blow you away on first listen, and undeniably still a few times after that.

This release also includes an intro mix, a radio edit, and a symphonic mix featuring a powerful shivering orchestral version.


1. Serenity (Intro Mix) [5:22]
2. Serenity (Original Mix) [6:43]
3. Serenity (Radio Edit) [4:31]
4. Serenity (Symphonic Mix) [3:20]

Release Date: May 14, 2018
Catalog Number: ABSK043