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Farhad Madhavi - Parthia

Iran-based producer Farhad Mahdavi strikes with full force with his track Parthia, which was included in SoundLift's "Myths & Legends" compilation. Parthia is a beautifully crafted piece of orchestral uplifting trance with cheerful and catchy lead melodies complemented by a sentimental flute and pumping bass lines. Something to listen to if you are looking for cheerful, carefree, and energetic emotional trance music to make you smile!

On remix duties we have Italian superstars-Manuel Le Saux & Astuni-who combine their powers to deliver a full-on power banging remix, with swift acid lines in the buildup and a powerful climax part. A bit stronger than the original version, this remix is meant to destroy any dance floor it will be played upon.

We hope that you can find what you like in these tracks! Whether it's the more melodic and happy mood-booster that is the original mix or the uplifting driver that is the re-lift, this release has something for every listener.

Release Date: December 30, 2012
Catalog Number: ABRD047