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Fredrik Miller - Star Field / Gravity Rush

We are very proud to welcome Swedish producer Fredrik Miller for his debut release on Digital Euphoria.

Starting off the EP with ‘Star Field’, Fredrik gets straight into business. By providing a pumping introduction, with a heavy bassline, some great uplifting drums and a cosmic looped melody, Fredrik manages to show the overall theme of this EP.

The theme gets even more obvious when the breakdown comes in, introduced by magnificent pads and soul-stirring chords which are then followed by a mesmerizing piano melody. All this is followed then by the climax, with its uplifting trance melody that always gets you dreaming eyes opened.

Second and final track of this EP is ‘Gravity Rush’, which shows the darker side of our Swedish producer. With influences from the more psychedelic side of Trance in the intro, this track also demonstrates an extremely powerful bassline combined with heavenly plucks!

The breakdown continues on with the general theme of this release, with its immense pads and touchy piano melody. The main melody though then takes an interesting turn towards the climax, and will surely give you a really epic feeling when listening to it.

The release also contains a radio edit for each track.

Fredrik Miller provides an extremely solid release for his debut on Digital Euphoria. Keep his name in mind, because you’ll hear from him again very soon!



1. Star Field (Original Mix) [8:35]
2. Gravity Rush (Original Mix) [8:07]
3. Star Field (Radio Edit) [3:29]
4. Gravity Rush (Radio Edit) [3:32]

Release Date: September 14, 2015
Catalog Number: DER004

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