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GHG - Kawokami

We are proud to welcome a new face to the Digital Euphoria family: this is GHG presenting his latest release 'Kawokami'.

Taking the best of uplifting trance, GHG delivers a solid tune that explores the depths of emotions with its fast-paced rhythms combined with lush melodies and sounds!

This release includes a remix from Russian mastermind Tycoos that revamps the original with his well-known style that keeps the core of the track but delivers a whole new take on its structure and tones.

This release is composed of the radio edits and original mixes of both GHG and Tycoos.

1. Kawokami (Original Mix) [5:04]
2. Kawokami (Radio Edit) [2:50]
3. Kawokami (Tycoos Remix) [6:05]
4. Kawokami (Tycoos Radio Edit) [3:32]

Release Date: February 19, 2018
Catalog Number: DER021