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Jericho Frequency & Kate Miles - Blink of an Eye

Abora Recordings is delighted to host a magnificent release entitled 'Blink of an Eye', produced by Jericho Frequency featuring Kate Miles.

This song is characterized by epic and uplifting drums that create a breathtaking atmosphere. The breakdown is filled with nostalgic smooth pads combined with Kate's amazing voice. Sentimental melodies will cuddle your ear and take you to an epic drop.

Wait no more and grab this terrific song!


Suddenly everything around me disappears
The words they say are so distant
Where am I and where I'm gonna go from here
Give me a sign so I am certain
Million reasons but one
Chance to undo what we've done
We broke it all in a blink of an eye
Whisper you want it all back
Bring back the time that we had
Fix it all in a blink of an eye


  1. Blink of an Eye (Original Mix) [7:14]
  2. Blink of an Eye (Dub Mix) [7:14]
  3. Blink of an Eye (Radio Edit) [3:38]
  4. Blink of an Eye (Radio Dub) [3:38]

Release Date: August 31, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD231

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