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Marco Torrance with Michelle Richer - Alive Again

We are thrilled to bring a new release to our label Abora Recordings, a magnificent song entitled, 'Alive Again', produced by Marco Torrance featuring American vocalist Michelle Richer.

This track has solid uplifting drums fused with tuneful pluck tunes. The breakdown will cuddle your ear thanks to a heavenly pad mixed with lovely lyrics delivered by Michelle's breathtaking voice. The melodies will take you to an epic drop full of trance energy.

The Club Mixdown is a harder-hitting version of the track, designed to blow away the dancefloor. And the Dub Mix is a dub of the Club Mixdown version.

Plus we have a marvelous bonus track in the release! It's the 'Ambient Take with Natasha Jaffe', which starts off the release. Marco has teamed up with cellist Natasha Jaffe to create a chillout orchestral mix of the tune which will create a feeling of harmony and peace.

Don't leave this gem out of your playlist, and grab your copy now!.


  1. Alive Again (Ambient Take with Natasha Jaffe) [3:32]
  2. Alive Again (Original Mix) [6:11]
  3. Alive Again (Radio Edit) [3:22]
  4. Alive Again (Club Mixdown) [6:08]
  5. Alive Again (Dub Mix) [5:44]


Sometimes we have to run away
When we find a soul like our own
The lessons we'll learn to find the cure
To start a fire and burn this grey

You came close enough to know
This mirror reflects our truth
But it's time to walk alone - through fire now
For us to be together, someday

Believe that love can be divine
For us to be alive. again
Our fate is sealed to be aligned
Through these flames we'll be alive again


Release Date: November 16, 2020
Catalog Number: AASC020

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