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Matt Eray - Manihi / Ozona

The Polish rising star, Mateusz Szadziun, better known as Matt Erray, debuts on Edge with 2 progressive tracks that will certainly remind you of the sound of Paul Van Dyk or Activa some years ago. Matt's target was to bring back the old sound in order to combine it with the new sub-genres of trance music, which have changed so much in the last couple of years.

His first track, Manihi, is about transporting you back to the 2000's, in order to make you feel how the music at that time could overcome people's expectations. A beautiful pumping progressive with gently played melodic elements.

Ozona is a more agressive clubby tune, complemented by an acid progression and an astonishing melody which gets you uplifted.

Manihi was remixed by our in-house artist, Ikerya Project, who once again did his job, giving a wider range of tricky sounds and deep driving uplifting sounds which will make you get going even further. The Ikerya Project Remix features an prominent acid lead throughout, except of course during the impressive orchestral breakdown. The leisurely emotional breakdown offers a respite from the clubby rest of the track, which still features an uplifting melody.

This release also includes an Ikerya Project Club Edit, which is like the Ikerya Project Remix but without the orchestral breakdown.

Release Date: September 2, 2013
Catalog Number: EDGE010