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Night Sky feat. Rebecca Louise Burch - This I Know

Night Sky is back with a storm, together with Singaporian vocalist Rebecca Louise Burch, as they present "This I Know", out on Abora Ascend!

Delivering an original mix filled with heart-warming emotions, the duo saves the peak of the track for the breakdown, which introduces Rebecca's vocals together with Night Sky's beautiful melodies and chords. It then leads into an exciting climax that follows the same line as the breakdown.

The Div 4 remix adds a little bit of flavor to the track, by using efficient melody lines and powerful basslines.

The release also comes with a dub mix.

Night Sky manages a successful comeback to Abora Ascend and couldn't have chosen a better vocalist to do so! We are excited to show what these two will present next!


1. This I Know (Original Mix) [6:59]
2. This I Know (Dub Mix) [6:59]
3. This I Know (Div 4 Remix) [6:05]

Release Date: October 28, 2016
Catalog Number: AASC008