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Sensi pres. Gotlucky - Crain

Russian producer Sensi, under his Gotlucky alias, makes his debut on Edge One with a very unique title: 'Crain'. A unique work of uplifting tech trance, it's a banging techy piece with an emotional breakdown, with beautiful choirs of angels behind it, that will give you some real goosebumps.

Brian Flinn's remix will have you rocking the dancefloor like a jackhammer. Flinn brings his own unique interpretation and craft. Wielding ravaging bass, punching drums, and high-octane synth blasts, this cut truly knows no equal and will automatically capture your attention.


1. Crain (Original Mix) [6:36]
2. Crain (Brian Flinn Remix) [7:06]
3. Crain (Radio Edit) [3:12]
4. Crain (Brian Flinn Radio Edit) [5:12]

Release Date: March 18, 2019
Catalog Number: EDGE082