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Type 41 feat. Goshen Sai - Never Looking Back

We are proud to present the next release on Abora Ascend, Abora's sublabel dedicated to orchestral uplifting vocal trance.

Digital Euphoria label boss Type 41 teams up with talented singer Goshen Sai to bring us the powerful and euphoric vocal uplifter "Never Looking Back", an emotional dance floor tune sure to send shivers throughout your body.

The original mix is an elegant blend between finely crafted melodic uplifting trance and splendid vocals. The collaboration gets right into business from the start with the relatively dark opening verses from Goshen Sai, together with the creative melodies from Type 41, topped off with some delightful vocal chops.

It then goes into a rather splendid breakdown, which is where magic happens. With the powerful beats accompanied by beautiful vocals, pads and main melodies, be prepared for pure bliss. Goosebumps are guaranteed!

The euphoric mix is similar to the original mix but adds a second breakdown, among other changes, and offers a more atmospheric and unconventional mixdown compared to the crystal-clear and transparent original mix.

This unconventional mixdown puts less emphasis on the kicks and more emphasis on the melodies, sub bass, and highs. It takes the unusual but brilliant step of imbuing the lead melody with a lot of bass to make it more powerful, making the melody danceable even without a kick. Also, the bassline has been knocked up a whole octave to make it more prominent to typical listeners and add more groove.

Full of energy throughout, like the original, this euphoric mix is one beautiful rush. Yes, this is orchestral epic vocal trance at its best, with a driving bassline and an emotional but still energy-filled breakdown, and euphoric throughout. Just listen to it and you will love it. The feel-good and emotional climax lead is guaranteed to keep your audiences smiling, dancing, and jumping with joy.

In other words, the key difference between the two mixes is this:

In the unconventional euphoric mix, the strong lead melody is what powers the track. While the kick is much softer than the original's, the euphoric mix is eminently danceable due to the melody alone. It's a melody that will get you dancing and jumping - even without any kicks!

Meanwhile, the crystal clear original mix is completely the opposite: it is powered by the kicks, while still of course bringing you the joyous uplifting melody. The original perfectly fits what many DJs are looking for.

In addition, this release also contains dub mixes of both the original and euphoric mixes. These remove all the lyrics, but feature lots of awesome vocal chops and plenty of orchestral instruments sure to give you goosebumps. Truly uplifting and euphoric, this would merit a solo release by itself. In fact, many DJs will end up supporting both the vocal and dub mixes because they will love them both.

Whether you prefer the original or euphoric interpretations, whether the vocal or the dub, we are sure you will love this joyous uplifter as much as we do!



1. Never Looking Back (Original Mix) [8:31]
2. Never Looking Back (Dub Mix) [8:31]
3. Never Looking Back (Euphoric Mix) [8:57]
4. Never Looking Back (Euphoric Dub) [8:57]
5. Never Looking Back (Radio Edit) [5:49]

Release Date: February 15, 2016
Catalog Number: AASC004