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Abora Chillout 2015 Sampler

This sampler is composed of 5 unique tracks from producers all around the world.

First up is a very calm track, from Riccardo Eberspacher with the beautiful vocals of Livia Collins. Taking influences from jazz and lounge music, Eberspacher & Collins manage to deliver a truly fantastic original track, with a very intimate beat, a soft guitar, and trumpet melody lines. All of which is elegantly complemented with Collins' unique french vocals. This is "N'oublie Pas".

The second track is a more ambient-oriented song, with all the elements of a perfect chillout track. From its appeasing pads, to its alluring piano and its well-crafted drum beats, AxelPolo & Odonbat take us on a gracefully aquatic-sounding journey! This is "Revival".

Next up is the very particular "Immersed Underground" from British producer Simon Ross. Ross chose to focus on certain elements of a successful orchestral song. By blending a pleasing piano with sublime high strings and rare self-recorded train sounds directly from the British platforms, Ross takes us on a journey we won't forget.

"You're Still In My Heart", from the talented musician Envia, is the next song. Envia chose to make the piano the center of attraction of this track and decided to craft a magnificent score with pleasing piano lines! The joyful melodies throughout this piece of music will surely bring a smile to your face!

Our final track of this sampler is the majestic and cosmic "Over The Rings Of Saturn (No-Static Mix)" from Dim Line. Dim Line and his electronic soundscapes have been a regular on Abora Chillout since its earliest days, and we're very grateful to release this No-Static Mix of "Over The Rings Of Saturn". This track is like the original mix released in his "To The Stars EP" earlier this year, but with the static sound effects removed in order to function as a quiet background soundscape. This composition is all you can expect from him: powerful strings combined with electronically crafted plucks and pads! In short, everything needed to peacefully close this sampler.



1. Riccardo Eberspacher feat. Livia Collins - N'oublie Pas [4:35]
2. AxelPolo & Odonbat - Revival [4:43]
3. Simon Ross - Immersed Underground [5:58]
4. Envia - You're Still In My Heart [5:15]
5. Dim Line - Over The Rings Of Saturn (No-Static Mix) [3:39]

Release Date: November 2, 2015
Catalog Number: ABCH019