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Anil Meydan - Misty Nights EP

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Abora Chillout is proud to welcome a new member to the team: the multi-talented Anil Meydan.

His fascinating EP, Misty Nights, is composed of four gorgeous piano tracks.

Starting with a song called "1940's", Meydan reveals the somber beauty of piano music. With its emotional chords and soaring arpeggios, "1940's" is an intelligent composition that fits any mood.

It is followed by "A Child In The Pacific", in which Meydan provides listeners a slower tune that overflows with touching melodies and ambitious tempo changes.

The third track, "Love", explores the depth of piano composition with melodies worthy of cinematic drama. In "Love", Meydan reveals the often subtle magic at work within piano music.

The final song, "Misty Nights", is the perfect closer for such a progressive project. With themes both melancholic and joyful, "Misty Nights" parallels the very story of the human spirit.

Release Date: April 6, 2015
Catalog Number: ABCH016