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AYDA - Legacy

'In this world, everyone has a legendary life. What we pursue is not only glory, but also a steadfast belief and endless challenges.

Legacy is not only a tangible but also a spiritual inheritance. They teach us that only by facing difficulties bravely can we achieve extraordinary things. Legacy is a belief and a power. It inspires our passion, our fighting spirit, and never gives up on the path of pursuing our dreams. Legacy is a driving force and inspiration. It allows us to surpass ourselves and pursue higher and farther goals.'

Amazing producer AYDA has created a truly masterpiece called 'Legacy', an emotional orchestral trance characterized by potent beats, heavenly vocal ad-libs, an epic breakdown and a glorious drop.

Close your eyes and be prepared to delight your ears with this absolutely outstanding piece!


  1. Legacy (Extended Mix) [7:25]
  2. Legacy (Original Mix) [4:45]

Release Date: April 26, 2024
Catalog Number: ABRD350

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