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CO1N & Darkingz - Winter Sea

The sea in winter is less restless but more serene and noisy than in summer, just like a quiet young child, waiting for the blue sky and guarding its purity and tranquility. The sunshine gives a warm feeling and the cold disappears. One owns the sea alone, without any disturbance, without any sound of the city, just listening quietly, looking at the beach, enjoying the vast sea, and experiencing the eternal sway of the ocean.

A brand-new song comes to Abora Skies in the form of 'Winter Sea' by Chinese musicians CO1N and Darkingz.

This is a sweet, sentimental, happy emotional uplifting trancer with a lovely orchestral breakdown that will bring you a smile.

Get ready to fly away and be filled with joy. Don't miss it!


  1. Winter Sea (Intro Mix) [5:49]
  2. Winter Sea (Extended Mix) [8:33]
  3. Winter Sea (Oriignal Mix) [5:48]
  4. Winter Sea (Orchestral Mix) [1:31]

Release Date: December 16, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSK110

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