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Dark Matter feat. Josfine Sandfeld - It's You (Para X Remix)

There is something about a remix from one of the best emotional uplifting producers in the business, Para X. He has it in his blood and core, and his instincts just dazzles us when he remixes the original Dark Matter feat Josfine Sandfeld 'It's You'.

If you know Para X work which any trance lover should, you can hear his imprint in this tune, the track feels like a whole different track with his choices of synths, sounds and uplifting euphoric style, but yet we hear how the original is safely tucked in, embedded with delight. Kudos to Para X for making such an amazing job on this mix, where we now have two ends of the same track. Dark Matter vs Para X. If this isn't what trance is all about, then what is?

We welcome Para X and his remix of Dark Matter feat Josfine Sandfeld 'It's You' to Masana Records.


1. It's You (Para X Extended Remix) [6:38]
2. It's You (Para X Remix) [3:34]

Release Date: November 11, 2019
Catalog Number: MASANA037

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