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Darkingz - Memories of Summer / Light Chaser

A brand new EP comes to Abora Symphonic all the way from China, two wonderful pieces by talented producer Darkingz.

Strings of fragrant locust flowers hang outside the window like a decoration.The big moon guards the dew-bright home. Children walk through the fence like cats in search of fireflies and lantern grass. Midnight, the small ears of countless leaves are listening to the sound of peas. This is the summer we remember. Our memories always stay in those nights. When the sky is blue like carbon paper, stay under the surprisingly large full moon which is the beauty and poetry hidden in the depths of emotion. These are my 'Memories of Summer'.

Squeezing hard, there is a powerful force in the body and this force drives a desire to break through the darkness in front of us and see the sunlight. Everyone is bound to encounter wind and rain, encounter haze, so failure is inevitable, 'failure is the mother of success' has become our comforting words. However, this does not apply to everyone. But as long as the heart is full of sunshine at all times, how can the dark clouds in the sky not disperse?. I am a 'Light Chaser'.


  1. Memories of Summer (Original Mix) [2:14]
  2. Light Chaser (Original Mix) [1:28]

Release Date: September 21, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSY031

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