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Dim Line - To The Stars EP

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Dim Line makes his highly anticipated comeback to Abora Chillout with "To The Stars EP", showcasing the ambient soundscapes he is famous for.

We start off with the very calming "Over The Rings Of Saturn". This piece exemplifies soft ambient orchestral music fused with electronic sounds. It begins with static, and ends with a twist. In between, with its magnificent strings and cosmic plucks (and surprises at the start and end), this song greatly represents the overall theme of this EP, as well as preparing you for the next songs.

Next is "Cold Home On Neptune", combining modern breakbeat beats with perfectly designed pads and plucks. This song manages to announce what will follow on the EP, without telling too much.

"To The Stars" is next. By reuniting all the main elements of the last three tracks, Dim Line provides his major masterpiece. By combining ambient sounds, discreet piano, and glorious strings, "To The Stars" definitely shows Dim Line's wide range of talent as a producer, composer and sound designer.

Last is the Ambient Re-Vision of "Fable". With its mesmerizing melodies and relaxing pads and piano, Dim Line’s Re-Vision of "Fable" will surely affect your emotional bounds, filling your senses with joy, bliss, and peacefulness.

With this EP, Dim Line manages to take us on an ambient, cosmic journey through music, space, and emotions.



1. Over The Rings Of Saturn (Original Mix) [3:39]
2. Cold Home On Neptune (Original Mix) [4:16]
3. To The Stars (Original Mix) [3:18]
4. Fable (Ambient Re-Vision) [3:43]

Release Date: June 15, 2015
Catalog Number: ABCH017