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Frailai & AXYL - Alone (Mark van Rijswijk Remix)

A remix, where smooth, delicate and fulfilling ages comes to mind with this progressive tune with an intro from sentiment and it is made by no other than Mark van Risjwijk, original by Frailai & AXYL 'Alone'.

The vocals have just the right drive for this track as the pitch has a sensitive and fragile tone to it. The feeling of sitting on a rooftop staring out over the city wonder what to do next. Follow your heart or take the long stairway down and face the hard reality taking a chance life might become like one of the others, wondering around with no goals in life figuring out the next move to take.

We know Mark has a way of making remixes with completion with precision and possessing the extreme talent on figuring out how to make the picture perfect. We are very proud to have him on Masana records, welcome Mark van Risjwijk with 'Alone'.


1. Alone (Mark van Rijswijk Extended Remix) [5:01]
2. Alone (Mark van Rijswijk Remix) [2:53]

Release Date: October 7, 2019
Catalog Number: MASANA032

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