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Harmonic Rush - The Dark Side of Persia

We proudly present an Oriental Uplifting Tech-Trance track featuring the dirty and dark sounds of Harmonic Rush, also known as MilamDo. Having received massive support from the major artists in the scene, we can easily say that his strong innovation and originality are something we've been waiting for; they will certainly bring a different reality to the scene in order to achieve the recognition deserved.

Harmonic Rush debuts on Edge with this mind-blowing Oriental Uplifting Tech-Trance track that will emotionally affect your brain. A solid track that will take you into a mysterious acid atmosphere where you can be guided by a middle eastern female vocal, smooth flows, and pumping grooves that only Harmonic Rush knows how to combine.

If you think you have heard everything in the trance scene, you are wrong. The Dark Side of Persia is perfectly made for you to discover a unique style that incorporates special emotions to help you realize once again how many talented artists are overlooked nowadays.

Don't be afraid; this is just the beginning.

Release Date: September 9, 2013
Catalog Number: EDGE011

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