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InnerSync - Cocktail Lounge / A State of Bliss

InnerSync is back on Abora Chillout with his new heavenly sounding EP "Cocktail Lounge / A State of Bliss".

Following up on his successful "Fusion in Love", InnerSync presents his brand-new 2-track EP that starts off with "Cocktail Lounge", followed by the chillout mix of "A State of Bliss".

With "A State of Bliss", prepare to be taken on a musical journey, filled with ethereal pads, euphoric harmonies, elegant pianos, and chilled drums. InnerSync has crafted the perfect tracks for lazy Sundays, late-night background music, or even for your private cocktails or lounge sessions.

Speaking of which, the 1st track of this EP "Cocktail Lounge" takes you on a 10-minute trip that focuses on emotions, lush sounds, and refreshing melodies.

InnerSync proves once again that he is a master at his art, and we are sure you'll enjoy this new EP he has brought us!



1. Cocktail Lounge (Original Mix) [10:16]
2. A State of Bliss (Chillout Mix) [7:57]

Release Date: June 29, 2016
Catalog Number: ABCH027