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InnerSync - Oasis Of Tranquility EP

InnerSync is back and moors his new EP "Oasis Of Tranquility" at the Abora Chillout bay.

The Romanian producer delivers another outstanding 4-track EP that showcases his unique touch to the chillout genre.

This EP announces its balearic feel with the first track, "Resting On The Beach", a peaceful composition that explores the depths of tranquil and relaxing melodies.

Following up is "Beauty Of The Ocean" and its unique sounds that will make you feel like exploring the depths of the ocean.

"A Beautiful Place" stands as the third track of this EP and takes a more joyful direction with lush pads and blissful melodies.

InnerSync delivers an incredible finale to the "Oasis Of Tranquility" EP with the title track, full of beautiful harmonies and ethereal pads.

InnerSync proves once again that he stands as a valuable chillout producer who can perfectly blend nature sounds with melodic elements that leave your mind in peace.


1. Resting On The Beach (Original Mix) [7:49]
2. Beauty Of The Ocean (Original Mix) [7:36]
3. A Beautiful Place (Chillout Mix) [10:36]
4. Oasis Of Tranquility (Original Mix) [5:22]

Release Date: October 18, 2017
Catalog Number: ABCH038