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Maratone - Finding Folux / Voices Of Sommaroey

Our chillout imprint is delighted to present a truly beautiful release by the amazing Danish producer Maratone, which includes two wonderful pieces, 'Finding Folux' and 'Voices Of Sommaroey'!

'Finding Folux' delivers warm pads merged with some ambient effects alongside a lovely piano symphony, rippling waves of calmness, and an echoic pure choir to create a harmonic journey of peaceful vibes.

'Voices Of Sommaroey' is characterized by a reverberant atmosphere and soft pads that create some dawning vibes. In addition, it features cuddling piano notes and a throbbing pluck melody that delivers a nostalgic atmosphere and a feeling of new beginnings.

Add these magical tracks to your playlist and be prepared to enter a world of pure relaxation!


  1. Finding Folux [3:19]
  2. Voices Of Sommaroey [3:57]

Release Date: April 26, 2024
Catalog Number: ABCH097

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