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Marcin Przybylski - Across The Desert EP

For his first release on Abora Recordings, Marcin Przybylski delivers a great chillout EP. Across The Desert will make you travel through atmospheric Middle Eastern music.

Starting off with 'Across The Desert (Intro Mix)', Marcin gives us a wonderful foretaste of this EP.

Then comes the more energetic 'Desert Winds' with its wonderful choirs and its dark dubstep-like break beats, certainly not what you'd usually expect from us. It is then followed by the peak of this EP, 'Echoes Of Sahara', which takes its inspiration from the Middle Eastern desert.

To close out this release we have Reiklavik's 'Chilling' Mix, characterized by melancholic guitars and rhythmic drums. This is a wonderfully relaxing yet funky and groovy remix that can get you swaying, even moving, to the cool vibe, even as you can close your eyes and peacefully let everything disappear around you.

In short, Marcin Przybylski and Reiklavik deliver a unique chillout EP that will make you travel directly from Middle Eastern countries to the hot Sahara desert.

Release Date: January 12, 2015
Catalog Number: ABCH015