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Mystairium - Electric Spy / Forbidden Access

Abora Chillout is delighted to bring an extraordinary EP by Etasonic under his chill-out project Mystairium. The German musician offers us two fascinating tunes: 'Electric Spy' & 'Forbidden Access'.

'Electric Spy' is a mesmerizing piece of sound that has rising dreamy pads and a melodic drive that creates sublime vibes and a serene ambiance.

The mystery continues with 'Forbidden Access', which delivers euphonic pads and a thrilling atmosphere fused with harmonious melodies that draw an exciting intro to magical dimensions.

Wait no more and check out these fascinating tracks!


  1. Electric Spy (Original Mix) [6:34]
  2. Forbidden Access (Original Mix) [8:04]


Release Date: March 8, 2023
Catalog Number: ABCH092

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