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Night Sky - Visions

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We are delighted to present a collection of ten laid-back tracks, composed and produced by the young talented Norwegian artist Night Sky, also known as Afternova. In the making for more than three years, this album showcases many different musical styles: from a classical orchestra, to the typical sounds from South American countries, to ambient and relaxing pieces.

The release starts off with "Summer Wind". The flutes and the guitar are the main elements that create an enchanting atmosphere, supported by warm and lush pads. Beginning with a few melancholic notes, the song quickly evolves towards a joyful melody.

Next up is "Visions", the track that gives the title to the album. The piano, soon joined by a violin and harmonious pads, build up into a catchy and memorable theme.

Then comes "Reminiscence", a lovely tune where the piano, combined with strings and soft choirs, takes us on a short but blissful escapade.

With "A New Way", Night Sky proposes a very majestic piece played by a symphonic orchestra: powerful strings, winds, and brass instruments convey a strong victorious feeling up to the very last notes.

"A Happy Moment" releases a deep amount of joy and well-being. Starting with a solo flute, and followed by very melodious strings, this song plays around subtle modulations that keep inducing positive emotions.

"Lost Without You" is an exploration through feelings; its overall melancholic atmosphere topped up by beautiful strings will certainly help you through your darkest times.

"Take A Look Around" is a unique string composition that fills us with a delightful blend between positive and less positive feelings.

Night Sky's "Friendliness" is another short but intense orchestral composition. With its elegant solo violins and its wonderful piano lines, Night Sky takes us once again on an unforgettable journey.

"Falling Snow" offers a deep and soulful orchestral composition that contains a beautifully arranged strings section. Together with delicate chords, this string piece will surely affect your deepest emotions.

The next piece, "Never Forget", shows once more Night Sky's talent. The voices and strings combined with a powerful and intense rhythm will bring the listener on another emotional journey.

Night Sky makes an excellent debut on Abora Chillout with "Visions", a masterful orchestral album that provides a wonderful journey through emotions and sensations. Afternova's new alias hasn't finished to impress us, and will surely provide numerous quality compositions to our label.



1. Summer Wind [2:27]
2. Visions [2:43]
3. Reminiscence [2:02]
4. A New Way [2:01]
5. A Happy Moment [2:58]
6. Lost Without You [2:30]
7. Take A Look Around [2:29]
8. Friendliness [2:47]
9. Falling Snow [2:05]
10. Never Forget [2:41]

Release Date: March 7, 2016
Catalog Number: ABCH023