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Uplifting Only is Ori Uplift's weekly 2-hour podcast of orchestral uplifting and uplifting trance. The show features the best & newest in orchestral uplifting and uplifting trance, including world premieres from Abora & other labels. The 1st episode of each month focuses on uplifting vocal trance. The 2nd & 4th episodes of the month are instrumental-only.

Each Thursday, a new episode airs on's Epic Trance channel at 1200 EST/EDT, which usually corresponds to 1800 CET / 2130 IST. It is posted to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, & iTunes as a podcast soon thereafter. It then airs on over 100 radio stations in 26 countries, listed below. For all episodes, links, and tracklists, go to And to make it easy to listen continuously & know what track you're hearing, there are playlists on Spotify & Apple Music!


(to listen as a continuous mix, listen in the app, not the webpage)

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UpOnly Monthly Vocal-Focus Episodes

UpOnly Archive: 2019 Episodes


Weekly Exclusive Premiere:  Digitally Imported:
Epic Trance Channel
Every Thursday 12:00 14:00     online: link  
24/7: Play Trance:
Uplifting Only Channel
Past episodes play continuously non-stop     online: link  
24/7: Digital Impulse:
Ori Uplift Channel
No-talking version of show plays continuously non-stop     online: link  
Featured: Diesel FM Every Monday 22:00 0:00     online: link  
Featured: Trance Motion FM Every Tuesday 18:00 20:00     online: link  
USA Digitally Imported — Epic Trance Channel Every Thursday 22:00 Weekly  
USA Every Monday 22:00 Weekly  
Argentina / GMT-03:00 TEC RADIO Every Sunday 04:00 Weekly FM: 88.7Mhz
Aruba / GMT-04:00 Cool fm 98.9 Every Sunday 03:00 Weekly  
Australia / GMT+10:30 Lofty 88.9 Every Sunday 01:00 Weekly FM: 88.9 FM Adelaide Hills (Mount Barker, South Australia)
Australia / GMT+11:00 Starter FM Every Sunday 20:00 Weekly  
Belgium / GMT+00:00 Belgian Dance Radio Every Friday 21:00 Weekly  
Belgium / GMT+01:00 Dance Tunes Radio Every Tuesday 17:00 Weekly  
Belgium / GMT+01:00 Ctu Dance Every Friday 00:00 Weekly  
Brazil / GMT-03:00 Technopop Network Every Monday 00:00 Weekly  
Brazil / GMT-03:00 Radio Comfort Club Every Thursday 15:00 Weekly  
Brazil / GMT-03:00 Radio Towner FM Every Sunday 00:00 Weekly FM: Santos
Canada / GMT-04:00 Remedy Radio Every Friday 01:00 Weekly  
Canada / GMT-05:00 DJ Frenzy Radio Every Wednesday 22:00 Weekly  
Canada / GMT-05:00 WAO Radio Every Wednesday 18:00 Weekly  
Chile / GMT-03:00 Flash Fm Chile Every Sunday 11:00 Weekly  
France / UTC Radio Trance Passion Every Friday 19:00 Weekly  
France / GMT+01:00 Millenium FM Every Tuesday 22:00 Weekly  
France / GMT+01:00 PULSRADIO Every Thursday 21:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Trance Motion FM Every Tuesday 18:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 NightGlowFM Daily Daily Daily  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Jenny Fm Every Friday 15:00 Http:// Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 MyHitMusic Every Sunday 20:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 FIRERADIO FM Every Tuesday 22:00 Weekly FM: Germany, Gladbeck
Germany / GMT+01:00 CUEBASE - FM Every Wednesday 22:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Studio Sounds Radio Every Wednesday 07:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Every Saturday 02:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Radio Voice Every Saturday 02:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Globalbeats FM Every Tuesday 12:00> Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 BN-Radio Every Monday 17:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 RTI Radio Total Every Tuesday 23:00 Weekly FM: 88.80 Gladbeck, SATELLITE:
Germany / GMT+01:00 Queer-Club Every Monday 18:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Club FM Bamberg Every Thursday 23:00 Weekly DAB: 12A (Bamberg, Forchheim, Buttenheim, Pettstadt, Altendorf)
Germany / GMT+01:00 Edr - electronic dance radio Every Sunday 01:00 Weekly  
Germany / GMT+01:00 Radio Musicstar Every Sunday 04:00 Weekly DAB: 1500
Germany / GMT+01:00 Radio Okerwelle Every Saturday 22:00 Weekly FM: 104.6 Braunschweig
Gibraltar / GMT+01:00 Go Go Radio Gibraltar Every Sunday 12:00 Weekly  
Ireland / GMT+00:00 Inferno Radio Every Friday 03:01 Weekly  
Ireland / GMT+00:00 Klubb FM Every Sunday 20:00 Weekly  
Isle of Man / GMT+00:00 1Mix Radio Every Sunday 17:00 Weekly  
Israel / GMT+02:00 AVIVmedia.FM Every Saturday 16:00 Weekly  
Israel / GMT+02:00 Maxximixx Electra Every Friday 04:00 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Trance-Energy Radio Every Monday 15:00 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Eporadio Every Saturday 23:00 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Timb-Radio Every Sunday 16:00 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Illogicradio Every Tuesday 22:00 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Josin Radio Every Saturday 00:01 Weekly  
Italy / GMT+01:00 Radio Studio 100 Every Wednesday 01:45 Weekly FM: 92.3 Taranto
Mexico / GMT-06:00 Radio InterDual Every Wednesday 12:00 Weekly  
Mexico / GMT-06:00 Escucha Trance México Every Monday 12:00 Weekly  
Mexico / GMT-06:00 Magik Trance Every Monday 12:00 Weekly  
Netherlands / GMT+01:00 Sparkle FM Radio Every Sunday 20:00 Weekly  
Netherlands / GMT+01:00 TurnON Radio International Every Saturday 04:00 Weekly  
Peru / GMT-05:00 Radio X Web Every Friday 19:00 Weekly  
Portugal / GMT+00:00 I Need Music Radio Every Sunday 01:00 Weekly  
Portugal / GMT+00:00 o Every Saturday 04:00 Weekly  
Portugal / GMT+00:00 Radio Trance Passion Every Monday 13:00 Weekly  
Romania / GMT+02:00 XFM ROMANIA Every Wednesday 21:00 Weekly  
Romania / GMT+02:00 Roman FM Every Saturday 23:00 Weekly FM: 94.2 Roman, 94,2 Bacau
Russia / GMT+03:00 BIGTUNESradio (BTR) Every Thursday 11:50 Weekly  
Russia / GMT+03:00 Revolution Radio Every Tuesday 19:00 Weekly  
Russia / GMT+03:00 Lumix FM Every Monday 22:00 Weekly  
Russia / GMT+03:00 Station 3.0 Every Sunday 22:00 Weekly  
Russia / GMT+03:00 Global FM Every Saturday 21:00 Weekly FM: 99.5 FM
Russia / GMT+05:00 Pilot FM Every Sunday 00:00 Weekly FM: 100.4
Singapore / GMT+08:00 AXR Every Saturday 18:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Play Trance Radio Every Tuesday 16:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Solodance Radio Every Wednesday 19:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Hits Music Radio Every Sunday 00:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Reef Fm Tenerife Every Monday 21:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Move Ibiza Radio Every Sunday 18:00 Weekly  
Spain / GMT+01:00 Radio Live Every Saturday 18:00 Weekly  
Sweden / GMT+01:00 Clubalicious radio Every Sunday 04:00 Weekly  
Switzerland / GMT+01:00 Radio Grenzenlos Every Sunday 22:00 Weekly  
Switzerland / GMT+01:00 Furry.FM Every Wednesday 20:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Dance Attack FM Every Tuesday 21:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Richidance FM Every Thursday 21:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Midnight Sessions Every Sunday 16:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 MaxDance Every Friday 20:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Nusakan Radio Every Friday 19:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Clubland Radio UK Every Tuesday 00:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 PAGAN CORNWALL Every Tuesday 22:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 PressureZone Radio Every Monday 20:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Safehouse Radio Every Wednesday 17:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Brooklands196 Every Sunday 10:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Energy FM Every Friday 23:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Star Radio Every Monday 18:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Red Wall Radio Every Saturday 02:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 FM Stomp Every Sunday 21:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 South Wales Life Every Saturday 21:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Radio Rewind UK Every Sunday 03:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Dance FM Live Every Friday 18:30 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Daventry Radio Every Saturday 23:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Hive Radio UK Every Saturday 21:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 storm fm 98fm Every Thursday 17:25 Weekly FM: Hailsham
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Eurobeat Radio Every Wednesday 22:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Cardigan Internet Radio Every Saturday 01:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Beat 106 Scotland Every Sunday 06:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 KL Radio Every Sunday 07:00 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 DG9 Radio Every Sunday 23:30 Weekly  
United Kingdom / GMT+00:00 Every Tuesday 17:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT+00:00 Looking to Jesus Radio Every Sunday 18:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-05:00 PARTY103 Every Tuesday 13:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-05:00 The pool fm 90.9 Every Saturday 01:00 http://none Weekly  
United States / GMT-05:00 CIA Media Network Every Monday 23:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-05:00 411out Radio Every Sunday 18:08 Weekly  
United States / GMT-05:00 Vozfmradio Every Monday 06:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-06:00 LazerFM / Chicago Every Wednesday 00:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-06:00 Pulse 96.1 Every Saturday 17:30 Weekly DAB: WSRL-DB | Waukegan, IL
United States / GMT-07:00 GAD Every Monday 00:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-08:00 RetroRock Internet Radio Every Sunday 01:00 Weekly  
United States / GMT-08:00 KCOR Digital Radio Network Every Sunday 21:00 Weekly  
Venezuela / GMT-04:00 Be Music Every Saturday 21:00 Weekly  

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