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Rentz & Icy Queue - Outta Here

Rentz who brings Icy Queue with them into Masana Records with a well selected entrance. The very delicate choice of Icy Queue's lyrics tells a story which isn't an easy one. You can't just get up and run away from something, perhaps there are situations that needed to be faced first. There is a great symbolism within the lyrics and its up to you how to interpret them.

As for the production we feel a lead through this liberation of a track, is needed and the producers chooses to do it in a foolproof way. The melodies bind the track together and when the softness of the voice isn't telling us the story the music is. So, this is certainly a package from the escape 'Outta Here' feat. Icy Queue as the vocalist and Rentz behind the production side of the song. Masana Records welcomes this resourceful duo into our imprint.


1. Outta Here (Extended Mix) [4:11]
2. Outta Here (Original Mix) [3:09]

Release Date: September 23, 2019
Catalog Number: MASANA030

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