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SoundLift - Serenamente

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Serenamente, the Portuguese word for peacefully, is probably the most accurate word to describe this amazing journey, created by the well-established and renowned Portuguese producer and guitarist, SoundLift.

Combining the Balearic feeling of the flamenco guitar and the unmistakable sound of the duduk, among other ethnic and traditional instruments, this album showcases beautiful and well-crafted pieces of music from track to track.

The album starts with "Armenian Flavours", a brilliant piece combining guitar and duduk in perfect harmony, with gorgeous pads and nature sounds.

"Arenas Blancas" uses the same instruments, but the percussion here is fundamental to giving you a feeling of relaxation and well being, while you imagine yourself on a trip across the most exotic destinations.

Then we have "Serenamente", the track that gives the album its name, starting with the powerful yet smooth sound of the duduk. It's amazing how this instrument can give such feelings when played with emotion. The track is atmospheric and very rhythmic, keeping the listener entertained and asking for more.

"El Sol" is pure flamenco music. The guitar here is the main focus of the track and provides a traditional Spanish vibe, especially when the singer sings along with it.

"La Vida", "Peace", and "Early Morning" tell us a story of a living day, all of them containing and showcasing different traditional instruments, such as the pan flute, the piano, and the uilleann pipes.

We are invited "Into the Jungle" with the namesake track, to look at the sun behind the trees in "Rainforest", while the rain stops slowly, and to enjoy the rest of the day with "Evening", with influences from rock and calming atmospheres that follow the track.

Because life is simply beautiful, the album contains a track called just that: "Simply Beautiful". It has a very deep message, written all over the soft and gentle melody playing along. It makes us think and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like music.

The last track of the album is a slower mix of "Arenas Blancas", entitled the Sunset Mix, that is basically a reminder of the beginning of the album, and perhaps a temptation to play it again and again!



1. Armenian Flavours [3:40]
2. Arenas Blancas [4:22]
3. Serenamente [6:03]
4. El Sol [3:56]
5. La Vida [8:09]
6. Peace [3:00]
7. Early Morning [4:33]
8. Into The Jungle [4:44]
9. Rainforest [7:04]
10. Evening [5:58]
11. Simply Beautiful [4:44]
12. Arenas Blancas (Sunset Mix) [4:45]


The CD edition of this release was made possible through the generous support of Aaron Jiang, Dirk de Wit, Jason Fabian, Pascal Gloor, Sebastian Rusu, Tom Atle Storebø, Erik Triana, Jakub Valosek, & Alexandre Yi Kim.

Release Date: September 28, 2015
Catalog Number: ABCH018