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Type 41 & Saphron - Moon Will Rise

American veteran Type 41 teams up with British vocalist Saphron to give us a beautiful and energetic uplifting vocal trance song entitled 'Moon Will Rise'.

This upbeat track starts with uptempo percussion and a groove that will get you moving. Saphron then joins in with inspiring and optimistic romantic lyrics, performed in a soothing, reassuring tone full of love and happiness. The track continues with a big orchestral breakdown that will give you goosebumps, featuring piano, strings, orchestral percussion, & downtempo breakbeats alongside Saphron's poignant vocals.

All these elements come together for a fast-paced and energizing climax that will make you fly.

Get ready to soar to the moon with 'Moon Will Rise'!


  1. Moon Will Rise (Extended Mix) [8:31]
  2. Moon Will Rise (Dub Mix) [8:31]
  3. Moon Will Rise (Original Mix) [6:16]


Just when I thought I’d seen the end
Your face came into light
Maybe if we start again

On the edge of letting go
Your aura caught my eye
Maybe there is more to know

We will rise when we both fall
Fight for us against it all
Take my hand we’ll cross the seas

We can tread the deepest waters
And battle through the storms
Even when the waves surround us
I’m never letting go
So with every changing season
Through every day and night
With every fading sunset
Our moon will rise

Oh oh oh oh
The moon will rise

When the shadows come to life
And you can’t keep inside
the chaos starts to rise

When you feel you’ve lost control
Of everything you know
I will heal your soul

Release Date: March 17, 2023
Catalog Number: AASC029

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