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Vanilla Potatoyes - Day & Night / Lunar Serenity

The intriguing Vanilla Potatoyes makes her debut on Abora Chillout with a first EP that includes the tracks "Day & Night" and "Lunar Serenity".

Capturing the best of balearic sounds, "Day & Night" stands out with its fine acoustic guitars melodies and laidback beats. A perfect song to witness a summer sunset on the beach.

"Lunar Serenity" takes a deeper approach to the chillout sound by including atmospheric pads and delicate piano melodies combined with the already-emblematic acoustic guitar sound.

Vanilla Potatoyes starts off her journey within the Abora family with a well-rounded EP, which lets us think that you will love what will come next!


1. Day & Night (Original Mix) [3:45]
2. Lunar Serenity (Original Mix) [3:58]

Release Date: July 26, 2017
Catalog Number: ABCH037