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Cedric Paul & Rowan van Beckhoven - Memories

Abora Skies is delighted to present a remarkable release entitled 'Memories', created by two amazing talents, German artist Cedric Paul and Dutch producer Rowan van Beckhoven.

This majestic track features punchy drums fused with dreamy pads and tuneful notes, all wrapped in a magical ambiance. The breakdown hosts beautiful strings blended with calm pianos that give way to an emotional melody and outstanding drop.

Get your copy now and feel the vibes!


  1. Memories (Intro Mix) [8:51]
  2. Memories (Extended Mix) [8:49]
  3. Memories (Original Mix) [3:50]
  4. Memories (Orchestral Mix) [4:36]

Release Date: February 24, 2023
Catalog Number: ABSK112

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