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Estigma - Syriana

The Argentine star from Buenos Aires, Roberto Reynoso, better known as Estigma, debuts on Edge with a marvelous piece of music: Syriana. An uplifting banger featuring an emotional melody and acidic pumping grooves with soprano voices behind it. Officially designated as the Trance Producer Trolls anthem, this track caused a big impact and the reaction of the fans has been unbelievable.

For an amazing tune such as this, it is obligatory to have an absolutely banging clubby techy version. The duo from Canada, Dave Nadz and LeBlanc, found the perfect ingredients to combine the original idea with an outstanding piano melody; the final result connects to a magical world that we’re pretty sure you will melt right into. This is the right track to go inwards and find your inner space.

Release Date: September 16, 2013
Catalog Number: EDGE012

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