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Nik Andre & Yuri Melnikov - Opera

'Opera is an unparalleled form of art that perfectly blends emotions, stories, and beauty through music. Whether it is the magnificent stage scenery, stunning singing skills, or gripping plot, opera can immerse the audience in an sublime audio-visual experience. The brilliance of music is unforgettable.

Trance music is like opera. It not only intoxicates the audience, but also allows us to feel the infinite charm of art.'

Talented producers Nik Andre and Yuri Melnikov have crafted an extraordinary and epic trance piece titled 'Opera', a stunning track filled with operastic elements, lyrical vocals, dramatic strings and melancholic harmonies.

Sit down comfortably and enjoy the majesty of this song!


  1. Opera (Extended Mix) [6:12]
  2. Opera (Original Mix) [3:27]

Release Date: May 3, 2024
Catalog Number: ABRD351

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