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U-G & Kohta Imafuku - In My Dreams

Abora Recordings presents another brilliant release entitled 'In My Dreams', produced by the talented Japanese artists U-G and Kohta Imafuku.

This track is characterized by an enthusiastic atmosphere and rolling basslines combined with pumping beats, soft vocals, and pure effects.

The breakdown features dreamy piano notes and ethereal strings merged with harmonic percussion. Then a heavenly melody appears and leads to a wonderful drop.

Grab this charming tune and get uplifted!


  1. In My Dreams (Intro Mix) [5:00]
  2. In My Dreams (Extended Mix) [7:09]
  3. In My Dreams (Original Mix) [3:58]
  4. In My Dreams (Orchestral Mix) [1:43]

Release Date: May 10, 2024
Catalog Number: ABRD352

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